Prices listed are base prices and may vary depending on hair length, thickness, condition and/or texture

women's haircut- includes shampoo and style  $25
haircut, shampoo and roller set $34
junior women's haircut (ages 13-17) $20
men's haircut  $15
children's haircut (ages 12 and under)  $12
with shampoo  $14
              with shampoo and style  $17
bang, beard or neck trim   $8

all over virgin color  $68+
color retouch  $48+
partial foil  $58+
full foil  $88+
partial foil and retouch  $78+
partial foil and all over color  $98+
color correction  consult
eyebrow or eyelash tint  $10/ea.

full perm  $68
long or spiral perm  $80+


shampoo, blow dry and style $20 
shampoo, set and style $20
up-do $35

aveda botanical hair and scalp remedy treatment

This treatment begins with a massage using essential oils customized to treat your scalp and balance your mood. Your hair is then repaired with a professionally prescribed, botanically based treatment to improve its condition. This treatment is the ultimate package for relaxation and damage repair

45 minutes                $40

express pedicure $25
spa pedicure
manicure $20
polish change $10
shellac manicure $30
shellac removal and re-polish $35
french polish add-on $10

makeup application $30
12 and under $15

both lobes $20
cartilage (one ear) $20
cartilage (both ears) $30
A two week or 1/4 to 1/2 inch hair growth is recommended. For your safety, guests taking Accutane, Retin-A, Renova or other AHA's cannot receive waxing services. Removal generally lasts six weeks depending on individual growth rate

brow, lip, chin or cheeks $10
any two combined $18
any three combined $24
all four combined $30

nape of neck $8 
abdomen $20+
back $40+
chest $20+
hands or feet $10
half arm $30
full arm $40
half leg $30
full leg $50
half leg with bikini $45
full leg with bikini $60
underarm $20


basic bikini wax                        $20
The basic bikini wax removes all the hair showing outside of your underwear or bathing suit and nothing more

modified bikini wax                    $30
A modified bikini wax removes all the hair showing outside of your underwear or bathing suit and goes an inch inside of your underwear line on the top and sides

brazilian wax                             $40+
A brazilian wax removes everything but a small strip or triangle on top

hollywood wax                           $45+
A hollywood wax removes all the hair, leaving nothing behind

Enhance the length, thickness and fullness of your natural eyelashes with semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Our certified professional will apply individual lash extensions to your natural lashes with a long-lasting lash adhesive. Lash extensions will shed according to your lashes natural shedding cycle. Fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks and anything over 4 weeks is charged as a full set.

Appointments approximately 1-2 hours in length

full set                                         $125
partial set                                    $75
2 week fill                                    $25
3 week fill                                    $35
4 week fill                                    $50

Cloud Nine offers up-dos, hairstyles and makeup applications for wedding parties! For details and pricing, please email

Restore and revive the skin with facial treatments intended for stress relief, beauty boosts, and pure delight. Regular facial treatments will reduce the signs of aging, enhance the skin tone, and leave the skin with a relaxed, refreshed, and purified glow. Facials are recommended every four weeks for the maximum results. For follow up, we recommend the use of Aveda skin care products between facial treatments

classic facial    
Includes basic cleansing, mild exfoliation, customized masque, and moisture treatment.

30  minutes                                     $45

spa facial 
Begin with a deep cleansing, steam and exfoliation. Then relax as you are pampered with a massage of the face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and feet. End this treatment with a customized mask and moisture treatment.

50 minutes                                       $60

Reflexology is an ancient healing technique that uses reflex points primarily on the feet and sometimes the hands. Pressure, as well as special techniques, are used on points that correspond to various body parts with the intention of eliminating blockages thought to produce pain or disease. The goal of reflexology is to bring the body into balance, as well as eliminate stress. Benefits of reflexology include: bringing body function to optimum levels, alleviate ailments associated with stress, pain, digestive, reproductive, respiratory, lymphatic, immune and endocrine systems.

mini reflexology session
This 30 minute session begins with a foot scrub using fine ground epsom salt and a stress reducing essential oil blend. Reflexology will then be performed and your session will be finished with basic foot relaxation techniques.

30 minutes                                          $35

full reflexology session
Going more in depth, this 60 minute session begins with a foot soak followed by a foot scrub using fine ground epsom salt and a stress reducing essential oil blend. Reflexology is then performed and your session is finished with in-depth foot and lower calf relaxation techniques.

60 minutes                                            $50

swedish (relaxation) massage
Unwind while the tension is swept from your body. This popular type of body work relieves stress and anxiety and promotes an overall sense of relaxation and well-being. After your session, you will never want to come off the cloud our skilled therapists have put you on

30 minutes                            $40
60 minutes                            $60

deep tissue or trigger point massage
A relaxing spa experience combined with a rigorous massage to relieve pain, improve balance and increase range of motion. This "hurts so good" type of massage has become Cloud Nine's signature spa treatment

30 minutes                            $45
60 minutes                            $65
90 minutes                            $95

prenatal massage
Pregnancy can be draining; take some time for yourself with a prenatal massage. In addition to being relaxing, regular massage throughout pregnancy can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Benefits include headache relief, reduction of fatigue, stimulation of blood flow (may help prevent anemia), increased muscle tone and flexibility (alleviates muscles cramps and spasms) and the relief of physical and emotional tension

30 minutes                            $45
60 minutes                            $65

fire cupping massage

Cupping therapy has been used for thousands of years in the Chinese culture. It is the use of suction and negative pressure versus the compression of soft tissue and muscle. Cupping can be beneficial for those with digestive issues, asthma, pneumonia, high blood pressure, sports injuries, chronic headaches and much more

30 minutes                            $45
60 minutes                            $65

hot stone massage
A Swedish massage enhanced by warm stone therapy. This relaxing treatment is designed to ease and relieve tension of both mind and body. Allow the warmth of these therapeutic stones to restore your body back to balance

60 minutes                           $75

ear candling                     $30

A fun celebration for any girl that likes being pampered!

Package includes an express makeup application, mini manicure, and hair style for 5 girls. If there are more than 5 girls, each additional girl is $40. 

You may bring any amenities you would like. If you choose to bring snacks/cake and presents, we ask that this is done after the girls have received their services. Time may vary depending on the number of girls and stylists      
           Invite 5 girls and the 6th girl is FREE!

$200 (ages 11 & under)
$250 (ages 12 & up)
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